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If there's one thing I learned from English last year, it's to question the decisions behind minute details. Or more accurately, Ms. Moore likes it when you question the decisions behind minute details (For instance, why on earth would someone decide to use the word 'patronizing' versus 'condescending').

I've been staring at the scroll bars on the side of mac windows. They resemble these little blue fluid pockets/bubbles surrounded in just a wee bit of water, and then a vacuum above and below that. So in between the blue and the vacuum there's something that resembles a meniscus. But the insane part is that when you bring the blue scroll bar closer to one the up/down arrow the meniscus actually straightens out smoothly.

I suppose it's not quite the same question seeing as how in reality, the borders of bubbles do straighten out when they come into contact with solids--and that would be the reason behind such detail, but it's just as bewildering to realize someone pays that much attention to such tiny things.
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1) So I get these stupid bots messaging me day and night with stupid slutty names. Of course I block them, of course I get 30 or so at a time.

2) Except today, when I came home to find 43 'Accept Message' windows. Then and 'Error, rawrr rrah raah' window. Close. Sign On. "Rate Limiting occured during sign on." Apparently I've been warned to aim-death. :/

I found the secret to happiness yesterday. Ever since college started I've been sitting in the back depressed, sleepy and completely uninspired in class. Yet I bounced all through my math discussion with smiles and erect thumbs. Safe to say it was the most enjoyable discussion thus far. The secret? It's called coffee. Stimulants trick you into being optimistic. My diet of iced-tea and water made me sensitive to caffeine again. Of course this'll last 3 weeks max, when I'll have to upgrade to coke. And after that's done, finals will be over and I can spend my christmas in rehab.

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A less cindy-centric (no nervous giggling) look into life in the fields...


click on the audio link next to the picture of the bee.

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So rumors of mono rampaging through the building are circulating.. cries of 'No illness! Illness bad!' I had a week-long sore throat, that I thought was the result of the USC game, until it turned into a cough, then some nasal drip, which stopped after a couple of vitamin C-saturated drinks. Then the recovery period which usually involves a lot of horrendous purging. It's a cleansing process, no? It's a cleansing process that's lasted a pretty long time now. I managed to get the nose running again. Cough. cough. cough.

I think it's made me sleepy as hell. Today, I had 3 one hour breaks throughout the day, and of course tried napping during every single one. My earlier attempt at math homework lead to a nap.. and I'm only slightly chipper because of the exhilerating competition between Lauren and Ben over this Acno's Energizer game/puzzle. And an episode of family guy.

And (asian) Andrew's growing DC++ hub just acquired a porn freak.

I killed any chance of being productive yesterday by going all the way to the Metreon to see Kill Bill--which wasn't as bloody as I thought'd be. Angele on the other hand, already had her hood covering half her face 30 seconds into the movie as she explained, "I don't like it when people die."

Something sort of worthy of mention.. You know this infamous kid's challenge of how you can never fold a piece of paper 10 times? Apparently it was done. Only "sort of" worthy since 1) it was a kimwipe 2) it was using instruments that were capable of exerting 100 atm of pressure.
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so I just finished the last 2 of my midterms on this Thursday and I have a good week or two before I have to feel any urgency about anything. During non-game weeks I always spend a good hour or two on Saturday mornings gawking at the thought of having an entire day. I would've done that on Friday--one hour of class--had I not felt like total crap from the night before. Crap crap crap. Yesterday was bum around and watch movies until I finally got up from my roommate's really really comfy chair to a fantastic shindig at ginerg's. They kindly asked us to exert some effort and look nice so it was a lot more work than it sounds. Came home, shared some stories with the others on the floor that went out and had good times--crashed around 3:00. That's a good 6 hours of my day I was out of this chair.

That was my big long prelude to my plans for today.

I have plans for being productive!

So every march-down from football games sections volunteer to do cute little cadences--usually sappy ballads--that peak, then resolve into 'Fight! for Cal-i-for-ni-a, for California through and through!' Someone in the section usually writes it--and for awhile it was only 'phonez,' but I'm volunteering myself to write one. Examples so far have been--Stand By Me, Part of Your World (yeah, Little Mermaid), Closing Time (Semisonic from a few years ago), Pachabel's Canon in D.

On the way back from practice amongst the mellos a couple titles were suggested (without much forethought) including 'With or Without You'--a U2 song that they didn't do in their U2 show supposedly, '99 Red Balloons'--which might not be fitting tempo-wise... and possibly 'I want you to want me' by cheap trick, a song that seems more and more likely the more and more I listen to it. thoughts?
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9:30-6:00. class. practice. yaddah.
....-7:20. food. fried sweet potatoe, yum.
7:21...... pick up brian's guitar.
.....12:10 come to the realization you haven't done any work for the last four hours.
12:16..... realize you're a silly goose with a long day that did a weeks' worth of physics homework a few hours ago.


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After 2 day of exile from my room,
2 nights of sleeping on a floor,
insane amount of studying,
for a not so bad midterm,
running home from the midterm,
write a paper due in 2 hours,
sweating for 2 hours,
a durastic weather change,
freezing in my sweat for nearly 2 hours,
getting socked in the back with a soccer ball..!!!!

I am home with a nice pillow and emo music to space out to.

it really wasn't that bad. I can handle being busier, and definitely expect to be shortly.. my neck is just killing me and I'm listening to emo.

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My dad bought a new camera. My sister--a computer and a trip to the east coast. My mother--a treadmill. Me--$70 worth of granola bars.

No, this is not my attempt at showing what a reasonable person I am. $70 for chrissakes.

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somebody tell Andrew Baker...

Me and my roommate are having a competition over who has a picture of the smallest nipples.

6 people in the room debating along.

and to Charlie...

Picture of Dave loving you is my desktop. It's like an optical illusion in which no matter where you stand in the room, his eyes follow you.

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"Pussy drinks and Hanson"

Me happy. Need to be up in 4 hours to experience and unholy amount of band.

I had to mingle with alumnit at a party where the general theme was "thanks for the money, can we please have some more?" It was quite uplifting. According to them, I'm making lifelong friends or folks for christmas card lists.

Michael Jackson rocks my socks.

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