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goooood weekend

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Driving for 8 hours straight the second time around was not as nearly bad as it sounds. I wish there were more breaks in between driving for missed people, but fog and a 5:15 sunset did not allow. The four months hiatus from driving has seriously shaken up whatever confidence I did have. Luckily I only f'ed up big once, and I was the only screaming, or the shock completely wiped me of all sensory input.

Speaking of screaming, Z-woman clawing at the window as we pass by Magic Mountain is a hilarious sight and Niemi is an excellent singer given the right mood. We also made up the best game ever. I make the most annoying nasal, high pithed sound while Z-woman tries to make the same sound a quarter step lower. Tara was going wild with laughter.

Seeing so many interstate exits and thinking of all the people I knew in between me and the Mexican border made me think of future vacations. It turns out all the UC's (including us) have the same spring break. Good or bad? Less people to mooch off of, more people to mooch with.

"A clean-cut college student from small town America gets into UC Berkeley as a freshman. Weeks later he appears at some outdoor cafe. He is transforming. His language and body mannor quickly change as he discoves both sides "the force." He has body jewelry, a nose ring, eye shadow and a small braided pony tails hanging down the back of his neck. When he goes home for the holidays, his family will barely recognize him."

Anyone honestly know this guy or someone like him? I still shop at the gap.
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On January 12th, 2004 11:06 pm (UTC), crystal_ship commented:
hey punk. next time you're gunna go someplace cool you should take me with you. maybe we could hit up SB sometime? the high pitch noise and matching it a quarter step down sounds like a lot of fun. we should play it sometime since we both have musically inclined hearing. wtf is Z-woman? zhara perhaps?
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On January 13th, 2004 11:19 pm (UTC), angler replied:
happy burthyday! that was a typo I decided not to fix. I got your message but alas, I dont really carry a cell phone. sure thing yo.
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