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In the spirit of Al Franken...

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... and constant references to the 'tone' of the media, debate, and general political discourse, I propose we all follow this U.S. National journalist commenting on the S.F. Mayor's race.

'Newsom, 36, and Gonzalez, 38, attracted as much attention for their youth and good looks as for their policies on hot issues like housing development and the city's large homeless population.

Dapper and intense, Newsom was frequently compared to the Kennedy family men, while more casual Gonzalez was branded the "Socialist Stud".'


I really don't like math. It's not a matter of constantly being distracted while I work--I was quite happy and successful in preparing for my finals on friday right in my room while a good lot of my friends were walking in and out. It's just---math. ugh.

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On December 26th, 2003 01:22 am (UTC), crystal_ship commented:
fuckin shit bizill
hey cindy loo who who is no more than two. it's me. david. you should be back in town for x mas. this means we should hang out. gimmea call at my new number sometime goddamnit. 320-7237. just cuz you're a cool cal kid doesn't mean you can't talk to me anymore. dayamn.
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