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May sucks.
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YM and hockey.
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Not doing any work for a week makes it real hard to start up again.
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The last couple of days have been so weird. I won't even try.
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Four teens, driving their way to a cemetary, argue over who is most sexually adequate..

I accidently threw away the paper cup that had the actual quote in it.

A couple weeks ago I started to fill out an lj questionaire pertaining to the last year, and comparing it to your expectations and wishes of the next. It took me 7-8 questions and answers to realize I'm disgustingly content. Disgustingly happy is a stretch. I don't quite want to swing from tree tops and brag constantly, but I'm complacenct enough to hesitate for a looooong time when asked 'what do you hope for in the new year?' I can't think of anything too strange and new, other than taking more notes on readings (upon a final read of this entry I realize that is neither strange nor new). I should also stop watching less soap operas, but that's more of an evaluation of the last week and a half, and is a habit that should dissappear as soon as I'm without a tv. Passions is getting really, really horrible, but still gets me curious enough to im Z-woman in the middle of the night about Sheridan's baby.

Which got me to thinking about how fun it would be to be a writer for a soap opera. It was a combination of things that 'inspired' me really. The nostalgia for writing English 9 scripts. Post OC ims with Ben, during which we speculate the next plot twist. But mostly, my knack for remembering only the worst movie lines, mostly. While speaking to Triple Threat the other day, I was able to respond to nearly everything with some cheesy line. (i.e. "Sometimes the things your most afraid of in life, are the most worthwhile.") Maybe since I've averaged a movie/2 days.

Proof I love hollywood. I saw this anti-Dean advertisement for the umpteenth time today. But this time I was really eating sushi and drinking a latte.

things to do before I leave
+register to vote
+scholarshare paperwork
+write meeting rsvp
+dye hair
+go to beers books

"Everyone knows that crocodiles and babies go together like elderly people and cobras."
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Driving for 8 hours straight the second time around was not as nearly bad as it sounds. I wish there were more breaks in between driving for missed people, but fog and a 5:15 sunset did not allow. The four months hiatus from driving has seriously shaken up whatever confidence I did have. Luckily I only f'ed up big once, and I was the only screaming, or the shock completely wiped me of all sensory input.

Speaking of screaming, Z-woman clawing at the window as we pass by Magic Mountain is a hilarious sight and Niemi is an excellent singer given the right mood. We also made up the best game ever. I make the most annoying nasal, high pithed sound while Z-woman tries to make the same sound a quarter step lower. Tara was going wild with laughter.

Seeing so many interstate exits and thinking of all the people I knew in between me and the Mexican border made me think of future vacations. It turns out all the UC's (including us) have the same spring break. Good or bad? Less people to mooch off of, more people to mooch with.

"A clean-cut college student from small town America gets into UC Berkeley as a freshman. Weeks later he appears at some outdoor cafe. He is transforming. His language and body mannor quickly change as he discoves both sides "the force." He has body jewelry, a nose ring, eye shadow and a small braided pony tails hanging down the back of his neck. When he goes home for the holidays, his family will barely recognize him."

Anyone honestly know this guy or someone like him? I still shop at the gap.
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I've become weary of updating this thing publicly, but I found (stole) this icon and felt obligated to share it with the world.

New year's resolutions:

+ Floss consistently.
+ Limit 'your mom' jokes to Ben, Kali, Andrew Rush.
+ Learn more about African history.
+ Read more books that I have absolutely no interest in.  I think my affinity for books on scientific studies has affected my comprehension for other genres.

Nothing terribly exciting.  I was filling out a '2003-in-review' questionairre earlier for the sake of my own memory in a few decades, and realized it was an entire year of nothing terribly exciting--except for that finally moving out of the house and starting an entirely new life.  Okay, scratch that.  It is filled with new people, but as it got later into the semester, less of my weekend's nights were spent in exhaustion, and spent more by watching documentaries at 3am on Indian snake hunts and art history.  Now those are honestly exciting, but not quite livejournal worthy.  I love it there, and I'm quite content with being un-lj worthy.

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... and constant references to the 'tone' of the media, debate, and general political discourse, I propose we all follow this U.S. National journalist commenting on the S.F. Mayor's race.

'Newsom, 36, and Gonzalez, 38, attracted as much attention for their youth and good looks as for their policies on hot issues like housing development and the city's large homeless population.

Dapper and intense, Newsom was frequently compared to the Kennedy family men, while more casual Gonzalez was branded the "Socialist Stud".'


I really don't like math. It's not a matter of constantly being distracted while I work--I was quite happy and successful in preparing for my finals on friday right in my room while a good lot of my friends were walking in and out. It's just---math. ugh.

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'Why do I always have to be the one to drink and snort things?'

'I only get sick on those---what are those f'ing things called--boats.'

'Don't you say anything Cindy' Said in response to characters on South Park referencing to those 'kids who sit in the back of the school who wear all black and talk about pain.

'(pained silence)' In response to our pointing and laughing, after discovering one of the kids who wear all black and talk about pain have those long bangs in front of their face that they often flip to punctuate their thoughts. You know, like Brian does.

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So James comes into my room yesterday night asking for cranberry sauce. Why? So he could vomit it all up after getting really really wasted for his final--a piece of meditative poetry for his meditation class. He and his friend/co-writer are taking it Pass/No Pass if you haven't figured it out. It's 5 pages single space, but I assure you, if you're amused by silly drunk people it is well worth your time.

Some notes to influence your interpretation of the poem
+Chris is the lecturer
+'mandarins' could refer to oranges or chinese people.
+he plays the tuba and really owns a tuba shirt

My favorite excerpts:

the tide flows in and out
each wave signifies
another step of life
one cannot hide from
its all encompassing flow
and yet we run
from the tide and the sun
have you ever been embraced by the moonrock of your soul for affectionate love?
the answer may or may not come from a hippy native american.

The answer might, however, come from within
from deeper pools
from superintend3nts of the soul
from the core of a mandarin, white, tenuous
all over my shirt
because drunk, i rolled in mandarins
and got the effluent of my soul
on my tuba shirt

seriousness is a function of time
from the waves and the seals
screaming on the shore
screaming "come saul"
come saul and mediatate
and i don't
fuck you
fuck you chris tompkins

The piece in its entiretyCollapse )
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